Signs of fatigue

Pain in the muscles of the neck or shoulders can serve as a distress signal. It is possible that the case is in sports training or the wrong position while sleeping. But often at stress muscles experience tension which causes pain sensations. Most often women begin to ache the upper part of the back, in men the same pain sensations occur in the waist. This is a condition that arises when a person has not had a full rest of the body for a long time. Fatigue, loss of interest in the surrounding things, apathy, depression, exhaustion and severe overwork appear. Many mistakenly assume that this problem can be solved only by a full-fledged sleep, but it is far from it. This condition is extremely dangerous for the person, especially for children and teenagers. Often severe overwork can lead to depression and other negative consequences.

fatigueFrequent headaches? This is probably the most common symptom during stressful situations. Many people experience a aching headache that is distributed in each section of the head. This happens after a long working day and hard work. Sometimes it is good enough to have a rest and sleep. But if such condition does not pass, and only increases, means the organism hints to the person that it is time to rest. Some take the pill and thus eliminate the pain, but if you do not eliminate the stress factor, then the pain can come back again. In this case meditation or yoga is good.

A strong thirst for water suggests that human adrenal glands will experience adrenaline fatigue by producing a large amount of stress hormone. Which in turn affects not only the production of other hormones, but also the water balance.

Abundant sweating not only negatively affects the mood of the person, but also indicates that the body is in a state of anxiety or stress. To get rid of such an unpleasant symptom, it is necessary to conduct breathing gymnastics or listen to soothing music.

The effects of stress can be much worse than most people think. In addition to the fact that stress causes hair loss, it can also provoke such dangerous psychological diseases, in which the person begins to pull the hair. In this case the help of the specialist is already necessary.

Also symptoms of stress can be painful sensations in the stomach and frequent urges for natural need. In a state of stress, the human digestive system suspends its activity, reducing the production of nutrients necessary for digestion.

Appetite swings, drastic weight loss or, conversely, increased body weight – all these signals send us the body, claiming stress. It is necessary to try to maintain a constant regime of nutrition, to do at least once a week sports and enough to be rash. Only in this scenario can you return to your past weight.

During stress, the body is more susceptible to various diseases and colds. Even after the end of a difficult period of life, a person can still easily get sick. Therefore, it is extremely important to monitor your lifestyle and not to expose your life to such risks.

The time that the body needs for full recovery, each person is different. Some days are enough, others are not enough for one week. All of this depends on the workload of the person during the day, how intensively and productively he performs his work. Much can depend on individual abilities: to recover quickly and to come to a norm after strong overwork, to adapt to any factors, endurance and the body’s trained.

There are a number of tips that can avoid such a negative phenomenon as overwork and do not experience stressful situations. These simple measures must be observed by every person who cares about his or her health.

1. Adequately and moderately train your body with physical exertion.

2. Engage in a hobby that interests you and relaxes you.

3. Spend time with friends or family, chat and receive positive emotions.

4. To learn different techniques of relaxation: meditation, yoga, breathing gymnastics.

5. Massage sessions from time to time.

6. To follow a healthy lifestyle, refusing to drink alcohol and smoking.

These rules will not only help to avoid in the future all the symptoms of overwork, but generally improve the overall level of health of the entire body, prevent many dangerous diseases and improve the quality of life.

It is important to remember that with overwork at the most extreme stage it is necessary to apply for specialized assistance. The doctor should prescribe the necessary preparations, which will help the body to relax and come back to normal. Then the patient will have to give a few weeks for full-fledged rest and recovery, and as much for an active lifestyle. And only after that it will be possible to gradually return to the previous life, but without stressful factors. Therefore, it is very important to correctly identify what caused such a severe overwork and continue to try to avoid it.