Cerebrovascular disorder

Cerebrovascular disorder is a leader among health conditions of middle-aged or elderly men getting ahead of impotence. This deviation is connected with damage of nervous system being a kind of brain abnormalities. The scientists say that it occurs because of the pathological process in the blood vessels. As a result a man can have limb paralysis and consciousness disorder that can cause death in the long run. The most disturbing prospect is complete physical disability. There are two types of strokes in accordance to a particular range of properties and they are ischemic cerebrovascular disease, which is more common, and hemorrhagic cerebrovascular disease.


How does it happen and follow its pattern?

As far as cerebrovascular disease is a condition affecting the circulation of blood to the brain, the pathology includes a lack of glucose and oxygen, tissue capacity processes collapse, some metabolic and endocrine changes in the cells. As a result of the above processes a range of symptoms are observed like focal neurological deficits, which occur abruptly. The patients can even be paralyzed, or fall into a coma.  In general if a patient is lucky enough to get proper treatment as soon as possible after the stroke, the prognosis is good enough. If rehabilitation training begins too late, the prospect of recovery is slim. And here we speak about 2 weeks of delay. He just will have poor hope to recover his functionality. And if language and movement disorders last about half a year, it can end with a permanent disability.


The symptoms depend on the affected place. Generally it is motor dysfunction like hemiplegia. In the beginning flaccid paralysis can be noticed. The patient may be in trouble with swallowing and coughing as well as with communication. He can lose ability to recognize objects. At the same time he can suffer from seizures, fever, and confusion with probable complete loss of consciousness.

How to reduce risks of stroke

Every man can do his best to escape such health condition. He should look at his lifestyle as a whole and change it if there is a need. The following moments should be considered:

  • weight – if there are excess kilos, it is important to get rid of them;
  • food – keeping to a balanced diet is a vital change;
  • working out – regular exercises must be a normal part of everyday life;
  • refusal from bad habits – a man should stop smoking and drinking alcohol;
  • life without stress – a man should control level of stress he faces.

The experts think that stroke can be prevented if a man pays attention to blood pressure and blood glucose. Development of science allows hoping for the better and for new efficient treatments.