All that you need to know about Herpes

It has already happened! You have just found out that you have Herpes. You are informed that this is forever as far as the virus is not subject to complete cure, but it can be treated. Thus, you can have full life. So, what should be done under the above described condition? Let’s start with the beginning!

Don’t be so tragic about it!


Just imagine! Herpes infected the majority of people. The HSV-1 careers make about 67 % of world population between the ages of 15–49. And the statistics insists that 1 in 6 people suffer from HSV-1 so-called Genital Herpes. Moreover most of people with herpes don’t even suspect that they have it as far as they haven’t any symptoms. Continue reading “All that you need to know about Herpes”

Cerebrovascular disorder

Cerebrovascular disorder is a leader among health conditions of middle-aged or elderly men getting ahead of impotence. This deviation is connected with damage of nervous system being a kind of brain abnormalities. The scientists say that it occurs because of the pathological process in the blood vessels. As a result a man can have limb paralysis and consciousness disorder that can cause death in the long run. The most disturbing prospect is complete physical disability. There are two types of strokes in accordance to a particular range of properties and they are ischemic cerebrovascular disease, which is more common, and hemorrhagic cerebrovascular disease.


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Herpes: No Longer Inevitable


Oral or genital herpes results in painful blisters and sores covering certain spots or quite large areas of the body. It’s a transmitted disease that spreads quickly. Is it that serious and what should be done to get rid of it?

HSV-1 And HSV-2

That’s a generally accepted way to differentiate between two typical types of herpes. HSV-1 stands for oral herpes (sores on your mouth) and HSV-2 stands for genital herpes. Continue reading “Herpes: No Longer Inevitable”